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We can deliver up to 10 yards at a time.
4-Way Mix Soil
Our soil is a mixture of 40% soil, 40% peat moss, 10% compost and 10% sand. It’s a one stop soil for all gardening applications. When estimating how many yards of soil you require, add another 10% for compaction.

Soil - 4 way mix

1/4” Down and 3/4” Down
Aside from the actual size of the crushed limestone, both products can be used for any project requiring a base. The term “Down” refers to the limestone dust you find in the product which helps with compaction. However, ¼” Down is the preferred base material when installing patio blocks due to its smaller size for ease of levelling. When estimating how many yards of crushed limestone you require, add another 10% for compaction.

1/4" Down Limestone
3/4" Down Limestone

3/4" Clean Limestone
This product does not have the “Down” or limestone dust for compaction. This material does not pack and will remain loose. It is used primarily for drainage, but can also be used as a decorative landscape stone. It all depends on your project or personal preference.

3/4 Clean Limestone

Multi Purpose (Plaster) Sand
This product is 2 millimeter in size and can be used for stucco projects, as a base under patio stones or used for sweeping in the cracks of patio stones.

Plaster Sand

River Wash Decorative Stone
A multi-coloured decorative stone which comes in 4 sizes. We carry Buckshot or 3/8”, Pea Gravel or 1/2”, 3/4'” and 1½” sizes.

3/8 River Wash
1/2 River Wash
3/4 River Wash
1 1/2" River Wash

Natural Wood Mulch
Natural wood mulch can be used as a decorative landscaping product and can act as a natural weed suppressant.

Natural Wood Mulch

Coloured Wood Mulch
This wood mulch comes in the colours of Red, Black, Gold and Brown and is used as a decorative product.

Wood Mulch - Red
Wood Mulch - Black
Wood Mulch - Gold
Wood Mulch - Brown

Black and Red Granite
A decorative product which comes in 3/4” and 1½”. We also we have a granite mix which ranges in sizes ranging from 3/4” to 1½”.

Black Granite
Red Granite

Lawn Edging
All our edging is commercial grade and comes in 20’ lengths, in black or brown colours. We have a no dig edging which is perfect for around trees, ground which is especially hard or if you don’t feel like digging a trench.
Lawn Edging

Weed Barrier Cloth
We carry 2 types of weed barrier cloth. Weed Barrier One is an economical grade of cloth which can be used as a filter in rock beds or can be used as an inexpensive weed suppressant. The other weed barrier cloth we carry is our Weed Barrier Ultra. This is the highest quality product in the industry for weed control.
Weed Barrier Cloth


27 Froese Crescent
Headingly Manitoba


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